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Proven Process

With over 90 years of ministry and construction experience, we have developed and perfected this process over the past 7 years.  It is proven to deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and on-vision, 100% of the time.


1. Due Diligence and Feasibility

The foundation of our process, and the key to every project's success, is Due Diligence and Feasibility.  In Luke 14:8-29, Jesus clearly states that prior to building you should calculate the cost for completion.  This is when we help our clients do exactly that.


2. Design and Pricing

We partner with you during the design process to ensure the project meets your ministry and budgetary needs.  This is a tedious, pain staking process that provides extremely accurate design parameters to make sure your project design is within your budget.


3. Permit and Bidding

This is where we find the right partners to complete the project.  It is much more than simply getting a few bids and choosing the lowest price.  We honor the trust you have placed in us by finding trustworthy partners who will not hide costs or cut corners in building your facility.


4. Construction Management

As your partner, we make sure that your project is delivered in a way that allows you the most control and flexibility, and ensures complete transparency in every area including billing data.  We manage the final delivery while giving you as much input and control in the process as you desire.


What Makes Master's Plan Church Design & Construction Unique

We know what it's like to lead a church through a building project...the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Our founder Rodney served as a pastor for 20 years allowing him a unique perspective when it comes to leading your church through the design and construction process.

By applying his experience in ministry and construction, we are well equipped to lead and guide your pastor and building team through this very complex journey.


Our goal in design is to ensure that your facility will function according to your mission and vision. Without this approach, unfortunately, it's very likely that you will end up with a building that doesn't facilitate your ministry. 

We have seen far too many church facilities that are designed to meet architectural requirements but completely miss ministry needs.  The ministry approach to design is looking at your project through an entirely different set of parameters.

Our proven process has allowed our team to complete every project we have designed and built under budget for the past 7 years and counting. 

The Master's Plan process provides a safe way for pastors to trust us, and know that their project can be completed without having to find additional funding at the last minute.

Accurate, realistic construction costing throughout the design process is the only way to ensure that a project can be designed within the budgetary parameters.  Statistics tell us that 82% of projects are designed beyond budget limitations.  It is impossible to reduce the cost of the project after design, so designing within the budget is the only way to ensure the project can be completed at or under budget. 

We have developed a very refined process that allows our team to remain within the budgetary parameters.

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